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Question:  What do the following items have in common?  The treatment of MRSA, Beer, Oil Stains, Dirty Tires, Pond Algae and Fruit Flies? 

Answer:  All are solutions for YOU from Industrial Chemical and Environmental Company.


Industrial Chemical and Environmental founded in 2004 has an array of environmentally safe chemicals to choose from to fit your daily needs. 

We sell San-A-Safe sanitizer primarily for the elimination of the MRSA disease.  The only non-toxic, natural sanitizer on the market.

We have "Tapper Protectors"(Patent Pending) for organizations that have beer tappers and want to keep the common Fruit Fly out of thier suds.  

Have oil stains?  Our "Baad Bugs" which is live microbes is people and animal safe and will eliminate the stains to the concrete by turning that oil into Carbon Dioxide and a Water base.  Having a gasoline spill is as we all know a dangerous situation.  Spray our Baad Bugs on the affected area and in minutes you can throw a match to the sprayed area and that area won't set on fire. 

We also have a higher concentrate Baad Bugs Super Base product.

Degreaser(NC9304X).  Our super degreaser can clean those nasty tires in minutes and clean them environmentally safe to boot!! 

We also have different types of degreasers to do different jobs for you.

Have algae on your pond?  Our pond conditioner will do the trick by stopping the nutrients to get to the algae and thereby eliminating the algae in your pond.

Use our "Odor Buster" concentrate as a further protectant to keep smells and bugs like Gnats and Fruit Flies etc out of your garbage and out of your life. 


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