MRSA is caused by a strain of Staphylococcus aureus ( S. aureus ) bacteria. S. aureus is a common type of bacteria that normally lives on the skin and sometimes in the nasal passages. MRSA refers to S. aureus strains that do not respond to the antibiotics normally used to cure staph infections.

The bacteria can cause infection when they enter the body through a cut, sore, catheter, or breathing tube. The infection can be minor and local (for example, a pimple), or more serious (involving the heart, blood, or bone).  

Sounds like heavy-duty stuff and it is.  We have the solution, which is our San-A-Safe sanitizer.

With the seemingly every day threat we have from diseases wouldn't it be a nice change of pace to use a non-toxic, natural sanitizer that will begin to work in 60 seconds on contact?

This product is odorless and is also non-flammable and corrosive free.

There are no respiratory hazards and the evaporation rate is fast.

There is evidence that San-A-Safe can help stop the spread of the Avian and H1N1 flu's.


 Tapper Protectors-    


This is a Brand New item called "THE STOPPER" . It was Invented by a team of Experts To Help Keep Our Food areas safe from Hazardous Chemicals, Pesticides and Pests. If you know anyone that Owns, Runs or Manages a Bar, Tavern or Restaurant that serves Beer on Tap, they need to use "THE STOPPER" to Protect you from the Hazardous Pesticides & Chemicals now being used. I know they will really be happy that you told them about "THE STOPPER".  It's so much cheaper to use than Pesticides & Chemicals and much more SAFER for Everyone.  The Managers and Owners that are using this New Invention say that it is the best decision they have ever made to keep the invasion of the Fruit Fly infestation from entering their Taps, plus many other Pests.


* Stainless steel braided cord with swivel & clip.

* First Grade Rubber Stopper.

* 19.5 Inches long.

* The Stopper is (1) one inch long.
* The top of The Stopper is 5/8 of an inch round.

* The bottom of The Stopper is 3/8 of an Inch round.



Baad Bugs-

Our "Baad Bugs" is people and animal safe and will eliminate the stains to the concrete by turning that oil into Carbon Dioxide and a Water base. 

Having a gasoline spill is as we all know a potential dangerous situation.  Spray our Baad Bugs on the affected area and in seconds you can throw a match to the sprayed area and that area won't set on fire and it will complete the process to a water and carbon dioxide which can be washed down the drains safely.


Super Base Baad Bugs -

What is the advantage for you? 

1.  You save a large amount of money since the product comes to you as a higher concentrate liquid by using your own water.

2.  The drums and totes that the product comes in is recyclable and you don't have to pay for the charge to get the drums and totes taken away.  This also helps the environment.


Industrial Chemical & Environmental has an array of products for your use in your daily routine.  Here are just some of the more popular degreasers we offer. 

Our NC 9304X  Degreaser cleans anything that has grease, oil, dirt etc.  It is non-caustic and it has a use of getting floors clean and cleaning pressure washing bearings.

Our Bio Orange Sol cleaner has the ability to clean-up harden tar turns liquid into fuel and

it can be recycled.

Our Baad Bugs Super Concentrate works like our other degreasers but has live microbes in it and eats 

all Hydro Carbons. 

Our Baad Bugs Parts Wash is a powdered mixture with microbes that is used in parts washers and 1 scoop will last up to 30 days and then can be unplugged and poured down the drain which is environmentally safe.






Pond Conditioner

Having a pond is like having a personal swimming pool.  But most swimming pools don't have what alot of ponds

have:  ALGAE.

Well our Pond Conditioner approved and used by Disney Land(TM) and Disney World(TM) will not harm fish animal life nor humans. Very safe product. 1 gallon remediates 1 acre ft. What it does is stops the nutrients which feed the algae and once that process is complete, the algae is eliminated.

Here is the description on our label:
Pond ConditionerTM
Removes green bio-films and prevents new growth.
Reduces phosphorous, ammonia and nitrogen levels.
Breaks down 20ppmorganicwaste and organic odors.
Improves the aquatic for fish and wildlife.
Safe for humans, aquatic plant life and wildlife
Bio-based, all-natural and biodegradable.
1 gallon covers one acre of water.
Health 1
fire 0
reactivity 0

Apply with a fine mist to contaminated body of water at 10-20 ppm.
apply to surface area of water.

It is an all natural formula derived from biological agents and automatically
extracts which are used primary for removal of contaminants in water
sources such as ponds and lagoons. The system is based on the digestion of nitrogen,
ammonia and phosphorus which are fuels for the growth. Green
bio-film is hazardous due to toxins they produce as a result of their normal


Odor Buster- Our "Odor Buster" is a blend of botanical extracts that destroys outdoor odors using Floratec Tech. 

Great for eliminating odors from containers and collection vehicles, land fills and sewers. 

It also eliminates flies of all kinds instantly and permanently. 

Its Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous, leaving no residue or staining.  Non-Flammable, Biodegradable and Environmentally safe.

Applied and dispensed by misting, spraying, dripping or fogging.

One gallon of diluted product treats 1000 square feet.

Directions:  Use as needed over the affected area.



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